Company offers technically efficient Hacking Program which enables you to observe each type of internet activities like online conversation, chats, audio, video calling, typed URLs, sent mail and visited sites of your family members, relative, cousins, friends or external along with advanced functionality to produce and export encrypted log file information of entire PC activities. Key logger tool consist of highly interactive real time GUI environment that facilitate user to make use of it without having them any prior technical knowledge. Hacking Program runs as a background process in hidden mode and prevents external person to access log file. Keylogger recorder keeps the track of user login id, passwords, and other visited website URLs in convenient manner. Keyboard monitoring application is beneficial for both big organization as well as educational institutions just because of its invisible facility. Keylogger software allow project manager to keep constant eye on their employee?s activities in office working time and also maintain the records of students work done in college lab by their head of the department. Hacking Program allows you to find out what other users do on your computer in your absence. Key logger invisibly records keystrokes of every user activity performed on the computer in encrypted log files with option to send the details at specified email id. Proficient PC monitoring utility quickly records all chat history, audio, video conversation, typed URLs and other activities made by unauthorized user. Professional Hacking Program doesn?t appear in task manager, desktop and add/remove folder so that no one comes to know about its existence except system owner. Features: * Provides the way to maintain all file and folders operation activities including move, create, delete and rename actions. * Hacking Program is very easy to use as well as for office users as home users. * Automatically delivers logs to email id specified by system owner.