Donald Trump has been associated with MLM for a number of years, having been a paid sponsor for most notably ACN or American Communications Network, a telecommunications MLM. Now, he has branched off and decided to form his own company and branded it the Trump Network. But what exactly is the Trump Network? It is a new MLM business opportunity offering nutritional supplements. As indicated on their website, the primary product will be customized nutrition based upon a patented test called PrivaTest which will individualize the pharmaceutical grade nutrients in each persons supplements. Each 30 day supplement package from the company will be individually wrapped for daily consumption. How does the Trump business compensation plan work? Essentially, it looks like a traditional MLM compensation plan where you receive leveraged income form the work of others in your downline. The specific company compensation appears to offer incentives for volume of sales, along with leadership bonuses to foster an atmosphere of mentorship and growth in their organization. Additionally, compensation plan has a business starter kit and fast start bonus attached to encourage its members to share the network marketing opportunity with others in addition to the products. Also, the trump network has a dedicated success system which they have designed to aide their distributors to promote the opportunity and product. It includes a personalized replicated website, along with a branded 16 page presentation booklet with both a DVD and CD.