Database conversion software safely migrate all table records from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL database without altering originality of existing MSSQL or MySQL database records. Application can easily runs with all windows operating system including windows XP, NT, 2003 server, 2000, ME and windows Vista. Automatic MySQL database converter utility provides facility to select single or group of MSSQL database files for converting into MySQL server format. Program always keep in mind the quality and integrity of database tables when converting source (MSSQL server) database into MySQL database format. MSSQL to MySQL data base conversion software effectively synchronizes entire database stored tables with attributes likes primary key, indexes, unique key, null value, constraints etc and converts safely into MySQL database. Tool comes with highly user interactive GUI interface and provides step by step help manual so that any normal user can easily operate this utility without need of any technical supports. MSSQL database converter tool provides list preview of all tables stored in selected MSSQL database with ?Select All? option for migrating single or all tables into MySQL database. Features: * MSSQL database conversion software supports all necessary attributes of table such as indexes, foreign primary key, null value and constraints. * Database migrator tool supports all versions of MSSQL and MySQL server database. * Automatic MySQL database converter program always keeps table?s structure and relation during conversion process. * MSSQL database file converter software provides quick and reliable service when converting records or tables into MySQL database format.