A password protected utility for parental monitoring that keeps eye on their children activities (while net surfing or other activities performed on the computer system) when they are alone in home. The monitoring tool is safe, easy to use and work with all window platform including Windows Vista and Windows 7. Software runs in hidden mode and does not appear in Desktop items, Program Files, installation folder path and secretly records all typed keystrokes, e-mail, passwords, chat conversation, URLs, text documents and generates log and lets the owner to receive recorded logs at remote PC with email log feature periodically. Computer monitoring tool will alert you if anything happens at home or work – no matter where you are located when it happens! The product is ideal to look after members of your house or watch your employee's activities. Keylogger will also help to recollect passwords that you have forgotten or to recover lost e-mail. Good utility --- *Employee activity monitoring to find out what they are doing when they are assumed to be working. * To control over students during the academic hours. Easily track their activity with our keystroke logger, so they will use network for the educational purposes only. *Parental control tool alerts you when your child is doing something suspicious. Its features--- * Record Voice Chat Conversations * Fast installation, convenient and understandable interface * Saves the Log File * Email Log and FTP settings * Report Generation * Viewing Backup Activities * Automatic Startup * Hot key or Run command settings * Advance View Option * Recording Multiple User account * Password Protected * Hidden Installation * Key Stroke Recording * Stealth mode * Record startup time and time settings of computer * Report Generation * No Degradation of Performance