iPod 2 iPod is super copy iPod to iPod software that allows you to transfer your music/songs and videos between them. Until now this hasn't been possible without losing all your existing songs. iPod 2 iPod gives you the power to take control of your music collection. The way you view your music is up to you, sort by Artist, Genre, Album, or even group similar songs together, then drag and drop them onto another iPod. Quickly find all the songs which are present on one iPod but not another, and transfer the ones you are missing. It is easy to end up having duplicate songs on your iPod, iPod 2 iPod tracks these duplications and allows you to remove them in seconds. It also optimizes storage space on your iPod allowing you to store more songs! Free download the iPod 2 iPod software to copy iPod to iPod now. iPod 2 iPod key Features Copy iPod to iPod Connect multiple iPods Drag and Drop Songs, Playlists or Video between iPods Move entire genres, albums and artists Make shared playlists between iPods Enhanced searching and grouping of songs Find duplicate songs and remove them quickly Automatic backups ? painless restores Optimizes iPod storage space Set your Shuffle free, with no local music restriction Support for all current models