Extract information from damaged ZIP and RAR archives with Easy Archive Recovery. The new archive recovery tool recognizes all types of ZIP and RAR archives produced with all popular compression utilities, and offers surefooted recovery even if an archive was erased or stored on an unreadable hard drive or formatted USB drive. Easy Archive Recovery recognizes all kinds of ZIP and RAR archives, including multi-volume and solid archives. Recognizing files produced by RAR, WinRar, WinZip, PKZIP, InfoZip, 7-Zip, and other popular tools, Easy Archive Recovery makes the most efficient use of all kinds of data recovery records found in many archives. Easy Archive Recovery can often extract data from partial and severely corrupted archives not recognized by repair tools built into modern compression utilities. Archives larger than 4 GB are also supported. If you deleted an important file, or if your ZIP and RAR archives were located on a hard drive that became inaccessible, formatted, or repartitioned, Easy Archive Recovery can still help. Providing state of the art file recovery algorithms, Easy Archive Recovery can perform a complete scan of the entire hard drive or memory card, reliably detecting and recovering ZIP and RAR files by their signatures. If the archives come out broken or incomplete, Easy Archive Recovery can repair the archives, extracting any usable files stored inside. Featuring a fully guided wizard, Easy Archive Recovery is extremely easy to use. The archive recovery tool can enter ZIP and RAR files even if they are deleted or corrupted, and offers visual pre-recovery previews of files located inside.