As an Administrator using mst TotalAccess Disk, you will never again get the Message Box: Access Denied. mst TotalAccess Disk helps you to gain access to all elements on your storage medium. It doesn't even matter whether you have a hard disk or other devices. It is integrated with the system so you get access to really all files and folders. Sometimes Administrators need to take a quick look into folders like "System Volume Information" or a User folder. Normally you than have to change the directory's authorization. Not with mst TotalAccess Disk. Simply start it and access files, folders and devices you want to. Standard versus Professional Version: The Standard version makes only folders and files accessible to you if you use the command prompt (cmd.exe). With the Professional version, in contrast, you can use every tool you like to browse folders or open files. You must be an Administrator to use mst TotalAccess Disk.