System monitoring software is powerful application to monitor keystroke activities performed on your PC when you are away from the system. System monitoring utility allows you to find out what other users do on your computer in your absence. Keylogger monitoring utility monitors all typed keystrokes such as chat details, sent mails, login, password, visited website URLs, text documents etc. Keylogger monitoring tool records all captured information in encrypted log file and provide option to generate the log report either in txt or in html file format. Keylogger utility automatically sends the log file at user specified email accounts. System monitoring application runs in hidden mode does not appear on desktop items, add remove program, start menu, control panel, task manager. Keylogger tracking utility displays login session details and total key pressed in current login session. Keylogger monitoring software provides facility to hide its installation so that external users cannot detect the software installation or uninstall it. System monitoring utility is password protected that prevents unauthorized users to change or modify the software configuration settings. System monitoring software is compatible with all major Windows operating system including Windows 98, 2000, 2003 server, XP, ME, NT and Vista. Features: * System monitoring software is helpful in monitoring all user activities such as typed emails, chat conversations, website URLs etc performed on your PC. * System monitoring tool records all secret information in log file and send it at user specified email address. * Keylogger tracking utility generates the log report either in txt or in html file. * Keylogger monitoring application has user friendly graphical user interface and does not require any technical skill to operate the software.