Create PDF Watermark cover many new features of watermarking on the files which supports making PDF more attractive. PDF tool is a batch PDF watermarking software for Windows, you can fast add text or image stamp to PDF file, such as add signatures, company name or company logo to protect you PDF file copyright. PDF utility has three-ways watermarking and stamping on PDF file using web links, text, images and photographs. It also supports password protection on PDF file, setting PDF properties (like Author, Subject, Title, Keywords). A very feature included in this utility, it stamp two watermark using text and web links or image and web links on the PDFs. Free version of PDF watermark is actually a visible embedded overlay on the digital picture consisting of text, a logo, or perhaps a copyright notice. Application has multiple stamping options like watermarks position setting (fixed, default or custom), font style & color or image size etc. Put prefix suffix on the selected documents. Put stamp on above contents, below contents or replace contents easily. An advance version of this PDF watermarking software may run on all Windows system like Win Vista, Win7, Win XP, Win CE, Win ME and more. Features: * Batch PDF stamping technique is used for creating multiple Adobe PDF files. * Watermark in PDF document tool insert watermarks on PDF as fixed position as top, custom, angle, degree etc. * Set rotation of PDF watermarks on the PDF documents. * Put angle and degree to fixing PDF watermarking style. * Stamp your all pages using batch stamping software. * Replace content and put stamp. * Crop image area before image watermarking on the selected documents. * Make stamp PDF files using images, text, company name, logo, sign etc. * Set font style, color as single or double of watermarking on PDFs pages. * Supports all Windows OS such as Win Vista, Win7, Win XP, Win CE, Win ME, Win 2000 etc.