The 3C's model (three C's framework) of Kenichi Ohmae, a famous Japanese strategy guru, stresses that a strategist should focus on three key factors for success. "In the construction of any business strategy, three main players must be taken into account: a) the corporation itself b) the customer c) the competition Only by integrating the three C's (Customer, Competitor, and Company) in a strategic triangle, sustained competitive advantage can exist. He refers to these key factors as the three C's or the strategic triangle. 3C's model: Customer-based strategies are the basis of all strategy. "There is no doubt that a corporation's foremost concern ought to be the interest of its customers rather than that of its stockholders and other parties. In the long run, the corporation that is genuinely interested in its customers is the one that will be interesting to investors". 3C's framework: Corporate-based strategies. They aim to maximize the corporation's strengths relative to the competition in the functional areas that are critical to success in the industry. 3 C's model: Competitor-based strategies according to Kenichi Ohmae can be constructed by looking at possible sources of differentiation in functions ranging from purchasing, design, and engineering to sales and servicing.