Software that has been designed from the ground up * Web Invoice is a WEB BASED Invoicing, Billing and Helpdesk solution which is designed to manage any service business that may require Invoicing of parts, labor and Time Tracking. * It is written in PHP, which means It is portable and can be installed onto Most web servers. * No matter if your PC or Server is Based on Windows or Linux, It will function and perform 100%. * If you'd like to run Web Invoice on a normal Windows PC, simply download the Windows installation version and you'll be up and running within a minute. Some advanced features include: *Web Based: Being web Based ensures easy access to the central Database from where ever you are. This is Especially helpful for quick on-site invoicing, which speeds up payment *Keep Track of your Customers and End-Users in an IT Help Desk Environment, Create Invoices, Service Requests, Schedule Appointment, Manage Inventory and more for your Service Oriented Business! *Help desk: Create Service requests via pop3 incoming Email or end-user login. *End-User Options: End-Users and Customers can view Estimates, Invoices, View and Create Service requests, Estimates as well as Appointments. *Management of Workers: Full Management of employees Comission based workers working out on the field or in house. *4 Level Security Privileges:Enables users to be either Administrator System Requirements: *P4 or Equivalent And Higher *256MB RAM or higher on Freebsd/Linux, 512MB RAM or higher for windows XP, 1GB or higher for Windows 7 *200MB MAX Hard Disk Space for Web Invoice plus Web Server/Database *Windows 2000 PRO / 2000 Server,2003 Server, XP, Vista, 7 *Firefox 4 or higher, Safari, Google Chrome, Ie8 or higher Script-Only Version Requirements: Any Linux Flavor supporting MySQL & Apache/PHP, Windows 2000 PRO / 2000 Server,2003 Server, XP, Vista, 7 *Mysql 4.0, 4.1, 5.x *PHP 4.x, 5.x *APACHE 1.x 2.x, IIS *Modules: Ioncube loader, php_mbstring, php_mysql, *php_ldap, php_curl, php_GD