DupChecker for ACT! is a tool that uses advanced fuzzy logic technology to quickly identify hard to find duplicates in your ACT! database. DupChecker automatically scans, identifies and groups duplicates for easy merging and de-duping. DupChecker's new feature, checks for duplicates even on user defined fields. DupChecker for ACT! finds and displays duplicates that are created through *Data entry errors *Import mapping errors *Common Abbreviations *Pronunciation variations *Formatting variations and lots more... Features: 1.Highly Accurate - Uses Fuzzy Logic Technology to identify hard to find duplicates a. Exact match on any field b. Alternate Spellings (Hiatt, Hyate, Hiat, Hiate) c. Abbreviatons (HP, Hewlett Packard) and lots more 2. Batched Merge - Preview and merge all duplicates in one click 3. Track Back - Maintains log of all merges in ACT! history 4. Two plus merging - Merges multiple matches into one record 5. Field Specific DupChecking - Finds duplicates in user defined fields and custom user fields Benefits: 1. Protect Company Credibility- Gain customer respect and build brand superiority by avoiding repeated messages or calls to customer and prospects 2. Maintains Data Integrity - Consolidate the duplicates owned by different sales representatives into one contact - combat the problem of repetitive data 3. Save Time - Now your sales team can call up more leads and save time that could go into calling up duplicate contacts Works with ACT! 2008/2007/2006( /