Blade Thrust Tactics is an isometric squad based tactical combat game with role-playing elements. The game allows you the chance to play the role of squad leader for Blade Thrust, a special operative squad working for the Alliance as part of their campaign to get rid the Idea Empire. The world of Core is a dangerous place to live. The Idea Empire had invaded the whole world several years ago creating a global autocratic police state empire. Since then, the people has lived in oppressive condition fearing for the Empire who mobilizes it own massive army throughout the world. Something must be done about it and that is why the Alliance, an underground paramilitary organization has been formed to fight the giant empire. Unfortunately, the Alliance lacks resources so it adopts unconventional warfare called guerilla warfare to fight the empire. This basically mean several small squads has been formed with the mission to attack soldiers throughout towns bit by bit until the soldiers give up. The good news is you are in charge of one of the squads and some of the best fighters will fight with you. The bad news is you'll start with weak weapon, supply and armour and you need money to persuade these fighters to work with you. You and your squad will have to fight the way to get rid hundreds of enemy in several towns that stands between you and the victory. It is not going to be easy.