Pen drive blocking program can monitor and block access of several USB port data storage devices either network connection is established or breakdown in Local Area Network. USB device monitoring tool definitely give relief to administrators or individuals from several illegal data theft activities using pen drives. Removable media disabler software can work in background, so that its operation is also not visible to client itself in its machine. Free USB drive blocker utility provides all general as well as complex information about removable drive activities such as plug-in or plug-out in any computer machine or within network system as well as save information on device connect or removed with date, unique hardware id, time, device manufactures name, capacity, client name and IP address and data storage capacity status into log files. USB drive disabler service tool can support all commonly used removable medias in market such as flash drive, pen drive, thumb drive, multimedia card, memory stick, iPod, MP3 Player, digital camera etc. USB port data theft prevention utility instantly allows server to assign permissions for the entire client?s machine in just some fractions of time. Pen drive disabler software notifies network administrators with the help of beep sounds if anyone wants to get unauthorized removable media access on your entire network. Features: * USB blocker tool provides advanced security from unauthorized removable device usage. *Utility can disable pen drive access and instantly alerts administrators via beep sounds. *Tool runs in invisible mode and prevents access of all commonly used USB drive media. * USB disabler tool over LAN maintains log files, which contains all important information such as data and time of last pen drive access.