There is no secret when it comes to having success in Moxxor or any network marketing company. It all comes down to your ability to recruit others into the business and how well you teach your team duplication. The major problem that you and others trying to build your Moxxor business will face is that you have lack of marketing training and recruiting skills. There are 4 things that you need in order to be able to build a successful business in Moxxor. 1. Marketing Training is very important. Most people will fail because they do not know how to properly build their business using the top marketing strategies like Video Marketing, Article Marketing, Web 2.0, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook PPC and so much more. If you want to succeed to must gain the knowledge or your competition will beat you. 2. You must learn how to generate leads. Leads are the lifeblood of your business and you will fail if you don’t have any leads for your business. 3. You must learn how to Recruit and Sponsor new Reps for your Moxxor business. Have you ever wondered how some people struggle online to recruit people into their business and how others can recruit 2-3 people a day for their business? They are able because they have mastered recruiting and you must do the same. 4. You must also use a Marketing System. Marketing Systems are very important today. Your leads come in and they get funneled in through a process that will lead them to your Moxxor business. Moxxor is a good company but if you are lacking the skills above it is going to be very hard to beat out the competition.