I never liked automated forex trading robots or any expert advisors (EA), after an early experience with Forex Autopilot, until proof of a "live" account multiplying by 40% to 200% every week. The numbers were enough to interest me in to trying Fap Turbo on a small account of my own. True enough, it works reasonably well but my risk-lot setting was rather conservative at 10%, and I was only averaging 15%-35% growth on my capital allocated. 4 main reasons for buying this software 1. Unique Short-Term Scalping strategy: The Short-Term Scalping strategy the software employs has made this software the top selling forex trading robot recently. 2. Scalping Multiple Currencies: Fap Turbo monitors 5 currency pairs simultaneously, and uses the scalping method to trade all of them at the same time. The currency pairs are EURCHF, GBPCHF, EURGBP, USDCAD and EURUSD. Other software does not actively trade this many currency pairs. 3. Safe Filters to Restrict Big Losses: Safety margins to prevent big losses. This is the one area where other robots do not exercise a suitable stop loss strategy. If you have a wide stop loss parameter say 300 to 500 pips and the market is quite volatile, as it is at the time of writing this article, then you quite often get stopped out automatically many times in the space of a day. 4. A Stealth Mode Operation: It will come as no surprise to hear that all too often the "Big Boys" in the Forex arena will hunt out other traders by finding the stops on accounts. So it doesn't help when most forex robots trade like robots and present themselves as easy targets to these brokers. Fap Turbo uses a stealth mode operation that hides the profit and stoploss values from the brokers, so they don't know you are using automated software. The robots do not yet support cable, that is GBPUSD, and there is no JPY action. I am sure that Fap Turbo could turn good profits on some of these alternative pairings in the future!