Fax gateway is a gateway between http://bonalink.com/ site and your telephone line. Any user of the Bonalink system can send a fax through your installed Fax Gateway and your telephone line. You can make money if you will become a partner of http://bonalink.com/ site in your region and install the fax gateway on your system. You set your own cost of sending a fax. One must take into account that our system will choose the most advantageous to the customer gateway based on the cost of sending a fax, phone line quality and your history of sending faxes. Advantage in choosing the gateway that the gateway uses faxes, which has less than the cost of sending and less bounce when sending a fax, ie failures due to failures in the system Fax Gateway - telephone line. So you are competing with other gateways for our clients. Your Bonalink balance will increase every time you successfully send a fax.