Algorius Net Viewer is the efficient and easy-to-use tool for the visualization, administration and monitoring of computer networks of any scale. Algorius Net Viewer will immediately inform you in multiple ways about network devices switch on/off or unforeseen errors. It also creates the detailed "what and when" report. Thus you have the complete control of your network and can avoid its serious breakdowns. You are also able to check any functionality aspect of specific service, server or PC: HTTP, FTP and other network services. Neat network map and handy Web-interface make the work with the system as transparent, easy and efficient as possible. - Neat network visualization; - Support of vector and raster graphics; - Large set of different devices; - Automation of external commands execution; - Visual Trace Route; - Network port scanner; - Different ways to scan the devices; - Support of WMI and SNMP v1, v2, v3; - Accounting for ports and interfaces; - Centralized monitoring support; - Distributed monitoring with server-to-server data exchange for large enterprises; - Different notification methods: E-mail, SMS via phone or 3G/4G/modem, text and SMS notification via Skype, visual and audio notification and more; - Notifications about long downtimes; - Generation of various reports; - Export to Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, convenient print version; - Web interface with access to network maps, monitoring results and all reports. - Different authorization methods for web server, SSL support; - Maps Server for maps sharing; - And much more.