VeryDOC SWF to GIF Batch Converter also has the capacity to show the flashes before you make GIF animation from flash. During the process of making flash to GIF animation, you can also view the conversion status on the interface. After GIF animation was made from flash, the GIF animation can be viewed by default. Key features of SWF to GIF Batch Converter: 1.Support batch conversion. In another word, it allows users to batch convert SWF to GIF. 2.Allow users to convert a single SWF file to GIF. 3.Allow users to preset the GIF frame rate. 4.Allow users to maintain the original sizes of the SWF files when they batch convert SWF to GIF. 5.Support frame size customization. Users can select options to set width and height of the GIF frame. 6.Able to display the original SWF file in the window of VeryDOC SWF to GIF Batch Converter. 7.Able to remove the selected SWF file(s) or all the SWF files in the list box.