VeryDOC SWF to Animated GIF Maker is an animated GIF maker, which can be used to make GIF from video in the format SWF. Key features of SWF to Animated GIF Maker: 1.Allow users to make GIF from video in SWF format. Able to make an animated GIF file from a SWF file; and make multiple GIF files from SWF video files in batch. 2.Allow users to view the SWF files. 3.Allow users to add SWF files and remove added SWF files in an easy way. 4.Support multiple options for users to set frame rate, frame size, and replay times. 5.Support GIF frame size customization. Users are allowed to choose retain the original frame size. They are also allowed to change the frame size when they produce GIF animation from flash. 6.The interface is easy-to-use. 7.Support all windows systems including Windows 2000 and later systems, both 32bit and 64bit systems.