Bull's-Eye Broker is an advanced software for stock market Point and Figure Charts, used for technical analysis in order to find profitable trades and investments. Features automatic pattern recognition and other must-haves for successful trading. Point and figure is a simple charting method for finding clear entry and exit signals needed for profitable trading and investing. For investing and trading in stocks, forex currencies, commodities etc. The point and figure method is perfect for traders and investors that do not want to make advanced calculations or try to understand the meaning of the thousands of indicators in the usual way too bloated charting softwares. Using the Point and Figure method is as simple as it gets! When there is a new figure on the chart that completes one of the buy patterns you simply place your buy order. It is all very visual, you cannot make mistakes or mis-interpret the signals. Identifying support and resistance levels and clear entry and exit points have never been as simple as by viewing your Point and figure charts. The method simply takes away any and all guess work in technical analysis. (You could even have your mother identify the support and resistance levels using the Point and figure technique!) Although this method is not very widely used, it was invented over a century ago and is one of the simplest ways of determining solid entry and exit points for successful speculation. Some professional traders say that because the Point and Figure technique is relatively unknown it gives them "The Edge". Studies have shown results in the range of 60% on invested capital using this method. And best of all, you don't even have to be an expert to achieve that using this simple method!