Sometimes there is information to be gathered by several people. The old vashioned way is to send a word document via email, causing someone to fiddle with concurrent updates and alterations which are outdated. In this situation one would like to use a versioning control system, but the effort is to high and the skills required by each one partitioning in the information-assembling not sufficient enough. Freifeld offers a php/mySQL/js framework to easily setup collaborative online forms which can be edited simultaniously by several participants in different parts. In case of concurrent alteration of the same field, the first one to submit changes wins and the other one is informed, that his alterations failed. The history-browser allows to follow up the changes made. Ajax techniques are used for a fluent spectator and editing experience without leaving the form-page. An administration area allows managing contents, email notification and creating new forms from templates. The framework is designed for seemless inclusion to existing forms and as well as online-applications.