Blue Excel is a powerful Excel Addin. It provides tools to improve your productivity. It can compare datas in column A and Column B. It can check data in column B, indicate it exists in column A or not. It can update data in one sheet according another sheet. It can find an item in another file. Blue Excel provides tools to create Gantt Chart bar for schedule tracking. Excel is often used for making a simple plan and share among team instead of Microsoft Project. Blue Excel can generate schedule template based on week. Then you can create tasks and generate Gantt Chart for each task. You can change the start week,end week for each task and then regenerate the Gantt Chart. You can create an overall bar to show different stages for the progam and mark the key milestone easly. Other key features: Quick filter for a column. Provices a fasterway to filter the selected column. Quick command to run frequently used command directly. Quick Macro to run macros in current workbook faster. Merge cells content in one cell. Find an item between files. Makes it easy to check the difference between files. Quick switch between files. Provides button to set color for select area. Mark cells with same value in same color. Filter rows according the value in current cell. Text Features: Extract number of a cell. Extract text of a cell. Add character.Reverse text. Remove space.Count characters. Covert value to text. Range Features:Remove duplicate rows.Remove duplicate rows. Remove duplicate cells.Remove ranges in current sheet.Remove all ranges. Number Features: Round numbers.Convert number to words. Object Features:Remove objects. Activate hyperlinks. Others:Password recovery. Copy selection as picture.