The Pathways Planner V5 helps you to set goals, manage finances, and plan activities that will bring happiness to you and your family. For time management, Pathways has a to-do list and calendar, with pretty background images (for viewing or printing), repeating activities (daily by day of week, weekly, monthly...), and an ability to schedule to-do items by time for mini-projects. The calendar is integrated with the person and address book (where family and friends are recorded, including birth dates) in order to give you birthday reminders. For financial Planning, Pathways enables you to make multi-year plans for future needs (education, family life, retirement), as well as to budget for the current year. You can track all of your revenue and expenses against budget categories. You can track the transactions and balances of bank accounts and investments such as bonds and mutual funds. There is a useful feature for reconciling your bank and investment statements against your Pathways records. You can enter information in an easy "positive = money in, negative=money out" style and convert it to debits and credits for financial reporting (balance sheet, income statement, ledgers). The time and money management are an integrated part of a comprehensive planning methodology that revolves around goal setting and motivational fulfilment. It includes logical planning and decision making support and a pre-requisite planning capability. Pathways comes with: an alarm clock that plays music when a scheduled event is due; a person and address book; a handy filer that serves as a better substitute for the old card file; a nice "thought for the day" program that presents a new idea each day; a handy calculator that includes NPV and IRR finance functions; various wizards and templates.