SMOtop sokmotoroptimering.The process of optimizing your web site will include creating or modifying meta tags, title tags, alt image tags, internal linking structures, site maps, duplicate content, flash content and more. The development of incoming links from other websites is one of the major variables in attaining high search engine rankings. Link development is absolutely essential to your website’s success and is a major part of the optimization service that we offer. This includes the submission of your web site to various directories. SMOtop is a small company outside Stockholm in Sweden and we know how other small companies work. We know many cannot afford to pay 1500 SEK per hour or more for search engine optimization. We don’t want you to do that. We would rather you bought the service from us for 300 SEK + VAT per month and have money left for something else. Subscriptions run for either 6 or 12 months. No fuss.