Touch Voter is an innovative mobile based voting platform and marketing tool for customer engagement. The highlight of touch voter is its unique feature, which allows user to participate in different promotion campaigns, opinion polls, voting contests, reality shows, VAS based contests, etc., at a touch of the screen. Touch Voter will be a one stop content source to get latest information on the ongoing promotion campaigns, contests, updates of favorite reality shows, voting contests, opinion polls, VAS Contests and related information. Touch Voter is an innovative customer engagement and marketing tool wherein brands will have their dedicated zones to engage with its customers and prospects. Brands will host their campaigns, contests wherein users can participate and earn exciting prizes and freebies, and get great offers on the Brands. Touch Voter offers following advantages to users 1. One stop content platform for all interactive advertisement campaigns, contests, promotional campaigns, reality show contests, opinion polls etc., 2. No need to remember the SMS codes, SMS formats, destination number, contest details etc., 3. Easy to use application providing a hassle free interactive interface. Participate at a touch of the screen. 4. Source to get multilingual content. 5. Real-time content availability 6. Easy access to multimedia content 7. Brand Zones