YourPronunciationLab is a pronunciation software to help you boost your speaking language skills quickly. Instead of repeating the same phrases over and over without knowing if you?re doing this right, this nifty software implements much more powerful approach: Listen, Repeat and Compare. That is, at first you listen the sample audio (or a chunk of it), then YourPronunciationLab automatically turns on recording and records how you repeat the same phrase. Finally, it replays the original phrase again followed by your pronunciation, so you can easily hear if you?ve made any mistakes. Another click of a button, and the process repeats again. And again. Until you perfect your pronunciation skills. With YourPronunciationLab you can use the sample audio file from any language tutor or a training book. Importantly, YourPronunciationLab doesn?t require any special skills to work with it. Spend merely 3 minutes with the program and you will master every aspect of it in full. The easiness of use allows you to focus on your pronunciation of foreign words rather than on fighting with buttons. Opening another training audio chunk, adjusting the microphone or speaking volume, starting or stopping the exercise ? all are done in a second, whenever you need.