enJoy Movies Your Way -- Movie Filtering Software that puts parents in control. Parents, have you ever wished you could skip inappropriate scenes in movies that your children are watching? With our software program, now you can enJoy Movies Your Way by skipping scenes or muting sound in any scene! 1. Put a DVD movie in your computer. 2. Run the enJoy program. 3. The first time, set filter marks for inappropriate scenes. 4. Choose a Profile to set the intensity level. 5. enJoy the show! Many parents think today?s movies contain too much violence, sexual content, offensive language, and inappropriate themes for young viewers. Now, the enJoy Movies Your Way software gives parents total control over what their children see and hear. Parents can create filter marks to bookmark potentially inappropriate scenes, then rate each scene according to its intensity level. Filter marks only need to be created once. Parents then create a profile for each family member, setting appropriate intensity levels. For example, Dad can set his violence comfort level to 5 (extreme), while little Susie?s comfort level is 2 (mild). Dad would see aggressive conflict but Susie would not. There are over 10 categories available, including violence, sexual content, offensive language, and drug use. When playing a DVD movie on the computer, parents just select the profile of the youngest viewer and the family can enJoy the show! enJoy Movies Your Way is a low-cost, full-featured solution that puts parents back in control!