DigiRostrum is a powerful application that can turn a PC or Mac into a fully functioning rostrum camera. You can track, zoom or rotate the virtual camera in 3D across high definition image files to create broadcast quality video files. Its intuitive controls make producing your own rostrum work simpler than ever before. This highly versatile post production tool has been developed by industry professionals to fit into many different production routes and is compatible with Final Cut Pro, Avid Premier and many other edit systems. DigiRostrum is used by industry leaders in motion graphics including Ken Morse and the BBC. Video output can be any size you want from QCIF to HD but we have included presets for PAL & NTSC and many common HD formats. All processing is done in 32 bit colour allowing compatible input and output formats to include an alpha channel. Includes support for any aspect ratio with presets for 4:3 and 16:9. Video files can be output as: - QuickTime - Numbered Image Sequence Features include: - Unique, sophisticated and intuitive path controls for designing camera movements - Full Bezier controls for all acceleration and deceleration - DigiRostrum's own DRA file format allows you to save your moves for later use - Full resolution preview with either correct aspect ratio or exact pixel-for-pixel display - Playable real-time preview of film - Safe area guides for action and graphics - High speed rendering using code optimized for different processors - Render in draft or high quality mode - Optional motion blur - Optional frame or field based rendering - Optional compression - 2D & 3D