The aim is to hold out as long as possible and rack up points. The game has only one mode - survival. The basis of the game - energy. How they intertwine is up to you. At the outset you have a set amount of energy and maximum energy limit, above which energy levels cannot climb. As more the maximum level rises, so does complexity of gameplay. When you "Shoot," some energy is sapped from you and radiates in the direction of the cursor. The amount of your energy is reduced by 1 unit with each shot fired. If this energy is absorbed by the enemy, you have not only lost energy but he has gained some. Therefore, if all the "bullets" hit the intended target, your energy is restored. After the "death" of each enemy fighter, it leaves behind a unit of energy you can pick up which in turn boosts your energy level. Enemies come in many forms. Each one has its own behavior. As you advance, you will encounter new types of enemies. If the enemy catches up with you, he begins to sap your energy and it transfers to him. If the enemies shoot, they also lose energy. Points are awarded for hitting the enemies and destroying them. Record your name in the table of records when the game is complete. There are actually two tables of Records: online table and a local table (Stored on your computer).