Topic: Pierre Shuntub - A successful author of detective mysteries has released a new book, which he had no idea would put his life in jeopardy. A copy of the work fell into the hands of a Dangerous Mind - The mad telepath and psychic Nicholas Blanchard. His soul is sick and resists all attempts to decode its intentions. Nicholas decides to punish evil Pierre. At night, the villain went to his apartment, and picked the lock to get inside. The unsuspecting Pierre was dozing in his chair. At this point, things went downhill fast. The villain hypnotized the writer and put him in a deep trance. Now Pierre will need to get out of the depths of his subconscious mind to wake up. On his way he encounters many enemies and dangerous traps. Are you ready to help him through this arduous journey? About the game: In the game you are building lung capacity and difficult levels are teaming with monsters. You will need not only to display outrageous dexterity, but a sharp mind as well. Flying Uncles - 2D platformer with an unusual atmosphere, beautiful music and fun gameplay.