Improve your loan loss ratio for your portfolio of small business loans by requiring your borrowers to participate in small business coaching using one of Sobesoft's small business coaching software programs. Our software: - Includes 30 personal business coaching sessions. Businesses can use these sessions to get help with their marketing strategies, pricing, sales strategies, customer service, financial management, new business ideas or any other business related topic. Just click the "help icon" at any time to start a business coaching session. - Systematically drives businesses to improve their business results on a daily basis using a step-by-step small business growth process. This process includes mind conditioning, idea brainstorming, results tracking and continuous business performance improvements. - Helps business owners brainstorm new business ideas every day so they can grow their business. - Develops targeted revenue growth, cost cutting, customer service & advertising ideas to grow small business revenue and profits. These small business ideas are included for over 100 business categories. - Provides small businesses with positive audio messages designed to give them a positive business mindset. - Lets small business owners create and listen to their own positive business confirmations every day. - When small businesses completes their daily business success program, they will be awarded a "Business Success Certificate". They can print out their "Business Success Certificate" and display it proudly at their business. They can also add our Sobesoft small business certification logo to their site and marketing material to add more marketing power and credibility to their business.