Secure PDF Copying ability of your files from others, all to yourself, with the help of the Restrict PDF software. To Secure PDF Copy option, you need to password protect the PDF file, which is easily provided upon by the user password or the owner password. The user password altogether blocks the files from the users view, the owner password only disables the options of copy, edit and print on the PDF documents, but the files are open for the user to view. The password leaves the files usable only to those, who are able to get through them, in the first place. Though completely workable with all the versions of the Adobe Acrobat, the software doesn?t require any to carry out its work. The entire windows version is supported by this software as well. The demo version of the software would Secure PDF Copying ability to you, but only of 25 KB files. The full version of the Restrict PDF software is available at the nominal price of $25.