KBDesk is an extremely easy to use and absolutely FREE (no shareware, no adware etc.) Document Management System (DMS), Knowledgebase management (KBMS) as well as File Management System. Unlike web based DMS. KBDesk is developed as a Windows Tool. Use your existing windows experince (like click, drag and drop etc.) - nothing to learn new. Most of DMS/KBMS available now are working over web platform. Using web based systems is good for an enterprise where different offices/sections are located at dispersed locations need to access same data. Or if users are working mostly from remote locations and connecting to central office. But if in an office everything works over LAN, or users are working at their home and want to organize their data then using Web based DMS/KBMS doesn't seem to be an right option (unless you have a good reason for it). KBDesk is primely developed for - offices where documents/information has to be stored locally at a centralized location available over LAN. - individual people like Home users who want to organize there data/information/documents. As a knowledgebase management system, KBDesk can be used to store - - notes that you may recall later - web snippets - fractions of web pages - entire web page - for offline reading - important emails along with attachments - organize your file Supported File Types: KBDesk virtually supports almost all types of files that you can open at your computer. Software Integration KBDesk is well integrated with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. One can send entire webpage or fraction of webpage from Internet Explorer to KBDesk. Send your important emails from Microsoft Outlook to KBDesk in just one click. Auto Update Enjoy the features of latest version without worrying about manual updates. We release updates time to time and KBDesk will pull them automatically. For more information and installation instructions please visit http://www.mrsdigitech.com/prod/kbdesk.aspx