The problem is well known: Only the written form is remembered, but the name is forgotten. Here FontViewOK can help. It creates a quick visual overview of all installed fonts. The deployment is so simple, a help file is not required. Features: # Quick overview and comparisons of all fonts. # Printing with print preview function # Changeable font size, style and color # List all fonts from a specific folder # Dual font preview for quick comparisons. An installation of FontViewOK is not required. Ver. 2.01 // 02 Oct 2010 Instant access to the Windows Fonts folder, to delete the fonts which you don´t need any longer. New Feature: List fonts from a specific folder, for a quick review of the Fonts without installation, or if required a quick installation via right-click. Ver. 1.41 // 10 Sep 2010 1. A portable version of the FontViewOK. 2. General optimization Ver 1.31 // 25.MAR.2010 1. Optimization and some nonsense words removed from FontViewOK. 2. Unicode version of FontViewOK. New in 1.21 // 24.APR.2008 1. Optional customize for the right font preview: text, text-type, size and color. 2. Correction in the display / printing of the "&" characters. New in 1.12 // 03.FEB.2008 English translation New in Ver.1.11 22.01.2008 1. Name change: FontView to FontViewOK. 2. Functionable under Windows Vista. 3. New features: printing with print preview. 4. Dual font preview for quick comparisons. 5. Changeable font color The help file is not necessary, I hope you will understand ;) !