UltimateSpell is a server control to add spell checking functionality into your ASP.NET web forms, web services, and Windows Forms applications. * Spell As You Type - Underline spelling errors as you type. Automatically correct spelling errors. * No Coding Required - No need to write a single line of code on either server-side or client-side. * Auto Find - Drag-and-drop the control onto your page, and you're done. It automatically finds and spell checks all editable controls. * Check Multiple Controls - Specify a comma separated list of control ids to spell check, or do not specify anything to let it do its job on all of them. * Lots of Dictionaries - Currently 34 dictionaries available on our website. If not enough you can use your own dictionary as well. * Custom Dictionaries - Add words to your custom dictionaries, and cache them as regular dictionaries. * Spelling Options - Lots of options to change the behavior of the spell checking engine. * Show Options - Change the spelling options either on the server-side, or on the client-side inside the spell check dialog box at runtime. * AJAX Enabled - Spell check very long text without compromising on speed. Sends small blocks of text to server using AJAX techniques without refreshing the page. * Cache Dictionary - Automatically caches dictionaries for fast interaction and data retrieval. * Check Selection - Select a piece of text and spell check only the selected area. * Control Suggestions - Decide on how many suggestions to be returned by the engine. * Server-Side API - Use the spell checking engine from inside ASP.NET web, web service or Windows .NET applications. * Supports Windows Forms - Use the Windows Forms samples in C# and VB with full features and user interface. * Client-Side API - Open the spell check dialog box from any client-side action. * UltimateEditor and UltimateSearch - Built-in integration with our ASP.NET editor and search components.