Competitor price monitoring software Karsa Monitor enables you to monitor competitors prices and automatically receive real-time competitor price reports whenever you need them. * Monitor your competitors prices anytime, directly from any web! * Karsa Monitor is the flexible tool for direct competitor price monitoring * Receive real-time competitor price reports whenever you need them. * Match identical items automatically. * Scrape data information directly from your competitor webpages * Display and customise sophisticated reports when you want them. * Import – Export – Integrate all data Why use Karsa Monitor ? - Karsa Monitor is a powerful tool which helps increase your e-commerce profits - It saves your time and money on competitive pricing and increases your efficiency - It monitors and matches the products, and compiles the data, reporting automatically from any webpage you have chosen. - Monitoring with Karsa Monitor is flexible in competition choice and item choice - It informs you about newly added or removed products from your competitors line of products - It monitors the products and availability of your competitors stock - It monitors discounted prices of the products on sale and its popularity - It identifies the lower-priced products you sell and prevents you from leaving money on the table - It searches out the products which are nearly impossible to sell thanks to a very high product price