These days, use of Employee Desktop Live Viewer has become essential because it constantly track ongoing computer desktop activities of employees. This is one such effective software that has been designed for monitoring activities of your employees in a network. Other best attributes about this software is it let you perform several administrative actions remotely on the monitored computer like shutting down the computer, locking or restarting it, logging off, starting the screensaver and removing the wallpaper. In order to perform whole monitoring process in an efficient way, the tool has been equipped with a very interactive GUI feature. While monitoring employee desktop activities, the product remains invisible. The tool is very well equipped with other advantageous features of online recordings and offline recordings as well. Furthermore, the software also provides the LIVE view of remote desktop activities of employees. The offline monitoring feature facilitates you to record desktop activities by scheduled recording configuration when you are not present personally. This software help in decreasing the possibility of security breaches. Administrator can install it from remote central location. Trial version is available for 7days using which you can monitor only one computer. For more information visit: