What is the truth about Search Engine Optimization? Search engine optimization (SEO) typically cost thousands of dollars a year. Some SEO firms charge over one hundred thousand dollars a year to optimize a site for search engines. To avoid the high costs of search engine optimization, many businesses have decided to hire full-time SEO managers to optimize their sites for search engines because it is cheaper than hiring SEO firms. Even with these high SEO costs, search engine optimization is a booming industry. So why are businesses willing to spend so much money on search engine optimization? All successful businesses in the "internet age" need to have their sites optimized for search engines. Even if you are a small business, you have to get traffic to your website from search engines to survive in today's marketplace. No business is immune from the way the internet has changed our lives. Today, people will automatically Google a restaurant before they will eat there; even if they were referred to the restaurant by a trusted friend or family member. In an effort to make SEO affordable to all businesses, Sobesoft has developed a voice-enabled SEO software program that combines SEO software with SEO coaching to help businesses optimize their sites for search engines. What is Small Business SEO Expert Software? Small Business SEO Expert is a voice enabled small business software program that lets small business owners optimize their own sites for search engines using both on-page and off-page SEO strategies. The program uses a simple step-by-step process so that small business owners can easily optimize their site without having SEO experience. The software gives small business owners direct access to experienced SEO experts at no extra charge to ensure that they are optimizing their sites for search engines in the most efficient and effective manner.