Restore AVI Files - with the Video restoration software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corp. How to restore AVI videos? Restore video files with the AVI video restoration software. Audio Video interleave (AVI) is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft as part of its video for windows technology. It supports multiple audio and video formats similar to DVD video format. AVI is derivative of RIFF and uses .avi file extension. Avi files or videos might be lost due to unintentional deletion, damage of the file, corruption of data, inner program or software error, crashing of operating system when file is in use or not saved completely, physical problem with storage media, hardware malfunction, virus or worm infection, natural causes, and most frequently human error. The software helps in restoration of .avi files and avi video restoration. Apart from AVI restoration, it restores image or raw photographic files like JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF ; music files likes MP3, WAV, MIDI, MP4 and video files like MOV, MP4, MPG, MPEG, ASF. The .avi video restoration software is professional restoration software with following features: ~ Restores lost and deleted AVI files (Repairs corrupted, formatted and damaged AVI video files to its originality.) ~ Restores deleted and lost videos, music, images from storage devices (like hard drive, USB drives (iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Zune, MP3 and MP4 players), zip disk; camera flash memory cards like XD card, SD (secure digital) card, smart media card, multi media cards (MMC), memory stick, Micro Drive etc.) ~ Restores multimedia files from digital cameras (like Canon (CRW,CR2), Nikon (NEF), SONY (SR2, SRF), OLYMPUS (ORF), MINOLTA (MRW), Fuji (RAF), Kodak (DCR), NikonD100, Konica, Samsung, Panasonic, Yashica, Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Casio, HP, Agfa, LG, NEC, IBM, Sanyo etc.) Restore Videos, Restore Pictures and Restore Photos - Download video restoration software at