Here's a Fun App to Develop your Music Ear! Developing active listening skills sets the foundation for a sound music education. Playing music and creating your own music all hinge on your ability to listen to music and understand it. Chordskilz helps make learning music fun and easy by giving you a total active listening workout in a core area of music ear training: harmony or chord recognition. Since we all learn differently, Chordskilz offers three different formats to train your ear. Game mode: There are three difficulty modes and eight levels within each mode to challenge your musical skills to the fullest. Players earn special achievements, and some of these recognize skill development by unlocking new instruments and keys. Replay and experience a wide variety of musical tones and timbres! Practice mode: If you opt to stay in practice mode, you can work on mastering one level until you feel ready to move forward and test yourself in game mode against the clock. Toy mode: Toy mode allows for fun and creative play. The more levels you unlock, the more sound toys are available for you to play with. Chordskilz acts as the ultimate tutor in music theory. It uses a real time chord progression engine that produces chord sequences similar to what can be found in many popular songs. Using a 3D positional sound engine it taps into your brain's psychoacoustic abilities to provide a more engaging audio experience (through headphones) and also stimulates learning through natural audio cues. Any session with Chordskilz can be tailored to individual taste. You can click directly on the chord icons or hit them by dragging the 3D music note cursor with your mouse or finger. Chordskilz also features a generative audio engine for sound effects that never plays the same way twice. You can create a new soundtrack or backing rhythm, change the volume levels or turn them off completely via the settings. With these features, you can tailor the program to your individual needs.