Many employees have habit of spoiling precious office time in unproductive activities. With Employee Desktop Live Viewer, company management can effectively check the unproductive activities of the employee. It is a centralized network activity monitoring tool that can be installed on LAN or WAN network. Employee Desktop Live Viewer enables system manager and administrators to add or remove wallpaper from the client desktops. It is available in two setup files such as Viewer and Agent. Agent setup can be installed on all systems of a network that are to be monitored. Viewer setup file of the Network activity monitoring tool is installed on the main computer. Network activity monitoring tool monitor employee activities in three modes i.e., stealth, online and invisible mode and users are completely unaware of the system monitoring. This Employee Desktop Live Viewer saves each and every system activity of the user in AVI video file. It enable system administrators to send notification messages on specific user systems. Network activity monitoring software also allows network administrator to schedule offline recordings of the computer activities. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is offered in free evaluation version that can monitor a single computer of a network for seven days period. If you want to use the software after the trial period, purchase the full version of software. For more information visit