MB Eight House Feng Shui or Eight Mansions Feng Shui is a free program that helps you determine your compatibility with your home. It analyzes your favorable and unfavorable directions that are specific to your development and prosperity in life. MB Eight House Feng Shui Software is based on the Feng Shui principles about the lucky as well as the unlucky directions for individuals. This software finds out which directions are good for you and which directions are not. Let us be a bit elaborative in discussing the extraordinariness of MB Eight House Feng Shui Software. The Feng Shui principles are popularly known for the most effective use of different directions. According to the Feng Shui Eight House principles, you can reach the peak of success and prosperity and be very happy and lead a peaceful life if you can manage to use the proper directions. You may have some idea about the significance of the Feng Shui directions if you have known about the importance of the Feng Shui rules in matters related to interior designing. The principles on which the Feng Shui directions are analyzed to be lucky or unlucky have been testified by time and its effectiveness is widely accepted. If you want to know your lucky Feng Shui directions or lucky eight house Feng Shui directions for you, you need to get a Feng Shui eight house analysis or an eight house report from MB Eight House Feng Shui Software. It will tell you the lucky Feng Shui directions or eight house directions for you. It will also let you know which directions should better be avoided.