Data Splitter Workshop is a multi-purpose search and transformation development workshop for web pages, files, and emails (via MAPI). The user defines patterns to recognize, links between patterns, and actions to perform with recognized patterns and other data. Data Splitter Workshop uses ODBC to display database structure and transmit SQL; it produces file output as well. Use it to develop file searchers + transformers, email parsers, web scrapers, and more. The user defines the details of the transformation task. As a result, Data Splitter is very flexible. Existing definitions (CFD files) can simplify development. Features: * HTTP interface (for getting Internet data) * Stored email (MAPI) interface * ODBC interface that displays database layout info (table and field names) to the user * ODBC interface allowing construction of SQL statements with a combination of user-defined data and recognized data * Recursive capabilities (enabling parsing of nested HTML/XML tags, comments, etc.) * Wide-string (Unicode) input / output capability * Trace mode to show correspondence between input and nodes (for debugging) * User-defined function interface allowing execution of custom DLL code Data Splitter Workshop can be configured to : * Scrape the web * Search for (+ replace) text in files * Parse emails * Filter data * Repair data * Parse C/C++ and other programming languages * Generate C/C++ code, HTML, XML, RTF, and other formats from various sources (emails, C/C++ code, HTML, XML, RTF, etc.) * Generate and execute SQL * Count recognized input patterns: words, specific keywords, line breaks, etc. ... it can be configured to perform a practically limitless variety of tasks.