The World?s Simplest Small Business Tools Business Applications ? Customer database - CRM ? eMarketing (email and SMS) Telephony ? VoIP telecoms ? Phone, Fax, Conference Numbers ? Auto receptionist (IVR) ? Mobile SIM's and Call Recording Multi-User (Customer Database CRM) access means you can see all team activity, client/sales history - who said what to whom, as it happens in real-time. Focus on what really needs to be done next. All services integrate with each other seamlessly. Why is icomplete CRM unique to other CRM products? icomplete CRM is a powerful marketing, communication and collaboration solution that is so easy to use and affordable to run. What makes it unique is the ability to store many forms of communication and associate it to a contact. It stores email, SMS messages, voicemail, call recording (mobile and landline), documents, e-marketing templates and campaigns, notes and facsimile messages. All these communications are captured in real-time and shared online with the team who can access it from anywhere. It ensures nothing gets missed. It?s the built-in eMarketing combines both bulk email and bulk SMS in one place. Building it within the CRM ensures easy data segmentation and tracking each campaign on a contact by contact basis rather than the information getting lost or forgotten in the usual campaign lists kept on a separate eMarketing system. Emails and SMS marketing is sent out on a pay as you go basis ? 1p per email and 10p rather than a fixed monthly subscription so no wastage. ? Extreme Simplicity, yet still customisable and fast / fluid to use ? CRM with built-in eMarketing / VoIP options, all joined up save time and hassle ? Staff like and use it because it is easy and quick to make the necessary notes ? Very helpful level of setup support, import your data etc.