Few files must be removed from the system in order to maintain the system information secure and safe. When we delete a file from system, it remains stored somewhere in the hard disk that can easily be recovered using Data recovery tools. Even when you remove a file using ?Shift+Delete? it does remain in the system. These files can be recovered by unauthorized personnel and used. One must use third party Kernel File Shredder to permanently remove any file from its system. The tool is also known as Data Privacy Software. It ensures complete deletion of crucial files and folders after their usage. It supports both manual and automatic removal of files. With help of advanced set of algorithms and equipped with multiple shredding options such as File and Folder, Recycle Bin, System Files, Free Disk Space, and Useless Files, it takes care of all data removal quickly. It keeps the history of file shredding as well. The software works well on fixed storage devices such as computer hard disk only. It cannot permanently shred files stored in network drive, external hard disk, pen drive etc. It allows permanent deletion of files form Internet temporary files, recycle bin and internet cookies from the Windows System. Moreover, it enables system admin to create list of files to be shredded. The list can be saved in CFS format and used at once for shredding all files included in single cycle. For more details: www.deletefilespermanently.org