PCVITA Split Magic Tool- PCVITA Split Magic Tool is system tool software by PCVITA used to divide a large PST file into multiple files.Why Split Magic? The size limit of a PST file is 2GB. Beyond the size limit of 2GB a PST file has chances to be corrupted. It may also reduce the work-speed. To avoid these kinds of issues we need to divide a large PST file into different small files. PCVITA Split Magic Tool allows a user to divide a Large PST file into small file. It allows a user to divide a PST file as per his/her need. Using PCVITA Split Magic Tool software we can divide a large PST in 3 different ways as given below: 1- According to date. 2- According to year. 3- According to size. PCVITA Split Magic is very easy to use and safe tool. It is available in market with 2 versions- Demo version and Full Version. Demo version allows deviation of first 50 item of a PST file of outlook free of cast. Full version gives unlimited access to its users. Features- 1- Split Magic is very user-friendly 2- It supports software enhancement too 3- Divide large PST into multiple files 4- Provides different ways to divide a large PST.