Just like other Microsoft Office applications, Access allows users to protect their *.mdb database files with a password. This ensures sufficient protection from unauthorized access and data theft in most situations. However, people tend to forget passwords they don't use on a daily basis and it's not at all uncommon that Access passwords get lost and forgotten as well. Fortunately, the protection algorithm used by Access for "passwords to open" has a serious flaw that can be used for nearly instantaneous password extraction and removal. Password Recovery for Access is exactly this kind of software that efficiently solves the problem of forgotten Access MDB file passwords. Password Recovery for Access is extremely compact (takes a few seconds to download) tool with a simple interface that makes Access password recovery or removal a matter of just a few mouse clicks. The program only supports the recovery of "passwords to open" and will not help remove lower-level passwords like user- and group-level passwords, VBA project passwords or owner passwords. Once the password is found, you can easily copy it to the clipboard or click a button to remove it altogether. Password Recovery for Access supports all major versions of Microsoft Access JET databases (95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003), works with encrypted and unencrypted database files and can recover passwords of the maximum length - 20 characters. Other key features include the support of various database encodings (ANSI, Unicode, numeric and alpha-numeric), support of non-printable characters in passwords and autonomous operation that allows users to recover Access passwords without Access installed on their computers. This feature also makes Password Recovery for Access a great choice for system and database administrators, security engineers and technical support staff who can assist users with Access password recovery in a quick and highly efficient manner.