When there is a considerably huge PST files, then according to old ANSI Outlook PST files there is always a chance of being corrupt files by going beyond 2 GB files. This problem is tackled by unique software by splitting the large PST files into small ones. So, we can continue our work at ease level. PCVITA Split Magic 2.2: Actually, PCVITA Split Magic provides a unique way through which the fragmentation part of large PST files into small ones is like a child play. With the help of this software we can split a large PST file into our desired multiple PST files. Through this we have three options of split the large files into smaller ones. This software comes with various characteristics, which are: - It is very user-friendly, no need of high computer skills to use it - The latest version PCVITA Split Magic 2.2 provides a new-edge experience to the end user - It is portable software. How to Split the Large PST files into Small Ones: We have the limitation of 2 GB in ANSI Outlook that can be overcome by PCVITA Split Magic by providing a comfortable range (256 MB to 4 GB) of fragmentation. Split PST by Year: If you want to see all PST files after 2008.Then we have the option to select the year range like (2007-2011), we have only four year PST files consecutively. Split PST by Date: By specifying the date, you can access all the PST files on and after that date. Split PST by Size: We have a suitable range to split the large files into small files, which vary from 256 MB to 4 GB. Read More: http://www.pcvita.com/large-pst-file-splitter.html