ABBYY PhoneGrabber allows you to avoid tiresome manual data entry when transferring telephone numbers to your smartphone. Take a photo of a telephone number in any printed text or load previously made photos from your smartphone's memory. Once the data are recognized, you can immediately dial this number up with your iPhone. The world-renowned ABBYY Mobile OCR technology makes the recognized data available for further use in a moment - the data can be edited, saved, copied to other applications or sent by SMS or e-mail. This on-device application allows you to quickly process and easily use the required data. Its user-friendly interface makes the whole procedure intuitively clear to you. The application makes it possible to save contact history as well as photos with phone numbers you are interested in. Thanks to these functions, you will not have to enter irrelevant information into your address book, i.e. information that will be hardly ever used. If you need a phone number again you can find it in the application history or you can reload the saved photo and initiate the data recognition process.